Artwave 2013

I know it’s a few weeks late, but I thought I’d write a post about how Lewes Artwave went this year. It actually started in August (OK, I guess it was a while ago now!), and in order to advertise our Openhouse, I created this flyer:


We were open for three weekends in a row, with each artist appearing at some point or other. I went down to Lewes for two of the weekends as I really enjoyed being at Artwave last year, and it’s nice to talk to some people about your work in person.

On display I had a few pieces I’ve been working on throughout this year:




Dad the Salesman










Envelope Slippers






Hair Clips

IMG_4623 IMG_4620 IMG_4619 IMG_0390 IMG_0381 IMG_0298

Photography by Will Pike

Star Blanket

blanket 1

Photography by Will Pike

Purple Cowl

Photography by Will Pike

Fingerless Mittens 100% Alpaca

Photography by Will Pike

Fingerless Mittens

Photography by Will Pike

100% Merino Wool Collar

Photography by Will Pike


Photography by Will Pike

Cotton Coasters

Photography by Will Pike

Linen and Cotton Cushion

I was so honoured to have my work displayed alongside some other fantastic artists. In fact, it was a bit of a nightmare as I spent most of my earnings on their work! I was particularly chuffed with my new painting by Mark Ellender:

Mark Ellender

It was also really nice for me seeing how well my mum Linda Calvert did, as she has worked very hard and I love her work. I have one of her lamps on my bedside table and it makes me so happy!

The whole event went really well. We met some great people, drank lots of tea, and some of us even got some work done while we were sitting there! Here is a picture of Tiggy helping me crochet a cushion cover:


Photography by Will Pike and Linda Calvert

If you would like to have a walkthrough tour of our Openhouse, check out: and look for 28 Grange Road!

We are hoping to run it again next year so if you’re in Sussex make sure you come and see us, or if you’re an artist, let us know if you’d like to apply to be in the house!


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