Mum’s Birthday Teacosies

It was my lovely mum’s birthday last week, and since she asked for a teacosy for her birthday present, I thought I’d crochet her one! This isn’t something I’ve tried making before, but it was great fun.

I started off using this pattern. It was simple and easy to follow, but I still managed to make my teacosy too small for the teapot size I wanted. However, I finished the pattern and adorned it with some roses from Attic24’s pattern. (By far the best roses pattern I’ve found). I then tried making a larger teacosy using this pattern which ended up the right size, so I just gave my mum two teacosies for her birthday! One for Small Teapot and one for Big Teapot.

And heeeeeeeeeere are the photos!


I’m pleased to say mum was very happy with them, and used them for birthday morning tea. She was so happy, in fact, that she wore one as a hat (Mad Hatter!).


Sorry for terrible photos taken on my phone! I am still without camera!

Right, now for some technicalities –

The yarn I used for the orange one was: Drops Nepal in Orange Mix (2920), Purple Mix (4434) and Goldenrod (2923) which I purchased from

The yarn I used for the pink, blue and purple one was Sirdar Snuggly (I can’t remember the shades I’m afraid!) which I bought from Create! in Ilkley, which is a lovely independent yarn shop. Sadly, this is the only yarn in there I could afford!


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