Crochet Christmas Wreath

I have recently been inspired to make a Christmas wreath. I have seen various versions in magazines and on blogs. You only have to google ‘Crochet Christmas Wreath’ to get some great ideas!

For mine, I decided to stick with traditional Christmas colours (for a more funky Christmas wreath see Lucy of Attic24’s!) and designs. I had such fun making this (even though it took a lot longer than I anticipated!), and it was great to use up some little woollen bits I have had lying around for ages. The red fluffy stuff was even leftover from a jumper my granny made! I like how it’s a nice mix of materials: wool, acrylic, fluffy stuff! It gives it real texture! The base was a polystyrene doughnut I picked up from Samuel Taylor’s in Leeds.

If I have time, I will make another one for the family home this Christmas, but this one is going in my ETSY SHOP!

Let me know what you think, and send me links to your wreaths! I’d love to see them! Here is mine:


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