Crochet Purses

I have recently got a little bit hooked on making purses. They’re fun and relatively quick, and don’t need toooooo much concentration! AND they give me a chance to try out colour combos. Since making the baby blanket for my giveaway, I have been in love with grey and pink together, so I made myself a little grey and pink purse with a zip:

This little thing now holds my travel crochet kit (everything apart from the hooks!)

I enjoyed making this one so much that I made two more little bags:

I am keeping the zippy one for myself, but will be listing the drawstring bags in my Etsy Shop !

Have you made any bags or purses? What’s your favourite pattern?


The Extent of my Yarn Addiction

So, my room was starting to look a bit crazy with all the balls of yarn lying around. I have been struggling with where to keep it all as I have very little space. I saw some under bed storage in Morrisons which seemed the right size, (even though I have no space under my bed!), SO I sorted my yarn into colours and shoved it all in these bags so at least I don’t fall over them all the time!

The GIANT bags

The GIANT bags

All three bags, and this isn't even all my wool!

All three bags, and this isn’t even all my wool!



Pink and White

Pink and White

Grey, Brown, Black and multicolours

Grey, Brown, Black and multicolours

It isn’t perfect, and it still looks pretty scruffy but it’s a darn sight better than before (I daren’t show you a before picture!). AND I got a yarn ball winder this week, so soon they will all be super neat!

I would love to know other people’s storage ideas for yarn, as I am always looking for neat storage designs.


Don’t forget, my baby blanket giveaway is on for another two days, so check it out! (My last blog post).

Crochet Baby Blanket GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! I am running my first giveaway. You could win a hand-crocheted Strawberries and Cream Baby Blanket, and entries are FREE!

I have spent the last few weeks (believe it or not) making this blanket, and thought that it would make the perfect giveaway. I know lots of people having babies, and instead of having to choose who to give the blanket to to, they can fight it out in my giveaway! 😉

The blanket is made from King Cole Comfort Aran 60% acrylic and 40% nylon, and is designed for children. It is incredibly soft and thick and squidgy (in fact, I’m wondering why I didn’t make a blanket big enough for me!). It measures 90cm by 80cm, and so is perfect cot or pram size.

When you share/talk about my giveaway on social media (instagram too), please use the hashtag #JCBsGiveaway, so I can see what you lovely people have been saying.

Anyone can enter, as long as you have facebook, and are a UK resident (or at least have a UK address I can post it to, should you win!). The giveaway will be open for one week, until midnight on the 16th Jan. Good luck! So, here are the pictures of the prize:

In order to enter to win this lovely blanket, all you need to do is follow the instructions  in the link below. The first step is to like my facebook page, then there are options to gain more entries to give you a better chance of winning! 😀

Click this link: Josie’s Strawberries and Cream Baby Blanket Giveaway Entries Page

January Sale in my Etsy Shop!

Happy New Year everybody! To Celebrate 2014, I am offering 10% off EVERYTHING in my Etsy Shop! I’ve even added some new items (some of which are perfect for Valentine’s day!).

To use the discount just enter the code HAPPYJAN14 at the Checkout! AND if you buy something, you will be sent an email with ANOTHER discount code for free shipping on your next purchase!

Enjoy  x

P.s. Here are just some of the things I’ve added to my shop today: