The Extent of my Yarn Addiction

So, my room was starting to look a bit crazy with all the balls of yarn lying around. I have been struggling with where to keep it all as I have very little space. I saw some under bed storage in Morrisons which seemed the right size, (even though I have no space under my bed!), SO I sorted my yarn into colours and shoved it all in these bags so at least I don’t fall over them all the time!

The GIANT bags

The GIANT bags

All three bags, and this isn't even all my wool!

All three bags, and this isn’t even all my wool!



Pink and White

Pink and White

Grey, Brown, Black and multicolours

Grey, Brown, Black and multicolours

It isn’t perfect, and it still looks pretty scruffy but it’s a darn sight better than before (I daren’t show you a before picture!). AND I got a yarn ball winder this week, so soon they will all be super neat!

I would love to know other people’s storage ideas for yarn, as I am always looking for neat storage designs.


Don’t forget, my baby blanket giveaway is on for another two days, so check it out! (My last blog post).


2 thoughts on “The Extent of my Yarn Addiction

  1. I keep my stash in big purple Rubbermaid bins: cheap worsted in one; Cascade 220 in another; single skeins of fancy stuff like my precious hand-dyed hand-spun wool from Estonia a friend sent me while she was abroad… You get the idea. haha

    I’d love to have my stash underneath my bed. Then I could sleep on it like a dragon sleeping on its horde of gold.

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