I have recently really enjoyed making crochet clothing. There are a few things to show you, that all need photographing, so for today it will have to be the two jumpers I’ve made.

The first one is a shawl neck cardigan by Mon Petit Violon. The pattern can be found here. I made it in Drops Karisma, which works pretty well, but does make the collar look a little chunky. Something a bit more delicate could have been nicer. I am pretty pleased with the results though. The cardi looks really nice on with a shawl pin holding it together. I am yet to get some photographs with it on, but here are some of it in my garden:


The next jumper I made is more of a summer/beach thing. It’s a Drops pattern and can be found here. I used the suggested yarn (Drops Cotton Light) which is a nightmare to work with (the strands separate a lot) but it turned out looking nice (if a little small). Sorry it’s a bit creased in the photo, it’s been in my bag all day!

Let me know what you think!


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